When to Register

Early Registration

The earlier you register, the more likely you are to get into the classes you want and need. Unfortunately, classes do fill up and not everyone who wants to be enrolled in a class can be enrolled.

New Students

Students new to the University may register for classes for their first semester during the orientation period designated for new students.

Students entering in the fall should attend Summer Welcome to receive valuable orientation information, be advised about appropriate classes, and register for those classes.

Students beginning at MU in the winter/spring semester have the same opportunities provided for them during the Winter Welcome Program. You will be mailed information about these programs after your admission to the University.

Currently Enrolled Students

If you are a currently enrolled student, you may early register for the next semester during the current semester. Early registration begins about halfway through the semester. The beginning date is published by the Registrar’s Office.

Every student is assigned a registration date or enrollment date, which appears in your myZou Student Center. This date is determined by the University Registrar and is based on number of credit hours complete (seniors have priority, then junior, then sophomores, then freshmen). You may register at your appointment time or any time after that until the last day to add a class. Much more information about registering for classes can be found at the University Registrar’s Website.