A transcript is a written summary of your classroom work at MU. This document includes a list of courses that you took each semester, the grade earned in each class, how many credit hours were awarded for each class and a grade point average. In myZou, the transcript is referred to as an academic advising profile or record.

Official Versus Unofficial Transcripts

Both an official transcript and an unofficial transcript (academic record) are available to you.

  • An official transcript has the University Seal on it and you are charged a small fee for it. The official transcript is ordinarily what is required when you apply to graduate schools, when you request to enroll as a visiting student somewhere else, and when a potential employer asks for a record of your academic work. Usually a transcript used for these purposes must be mailed directly from the University to the person who needs it, rather than to you. You can go to the Registrar’s Office to request an official transcript or, for more information, see Procedure for Requesting Transcripts on the Registrar’s Website.
  • An unofficial transcript (or unofficial academic record) is the one you and your adviser will use on a regular basis to plot your degree progress. It has additional information important to your adviser that is not on your official transcript. The unofficial academic record lists, in addition to your academic work at MU, your local and permanent address, who your adviser is, and what your ACT or SAT scores were, if available. This unofficial academic record should not be used for purposes outside the MU campus.To email a copy of your academic record (also known as an advising profile or unofficial transcript) to yourself, use the following steps in myZou:
    1. Click on Academic Records tile in your myZou student center.
    2. Click on Request Unofficial Transcript in the navigation menu.
    3. Follow the prompts to receive an unofficial record of academic credit to your University email address.

    On the unofficial academic record are also three different GPA’s: one for each semester, a cumulative GPA that includes all University of Missouri coursework, and the official cumulative GPA that includes all University of Missouri coursework but modified by the course repeat policy.