Transcript Hours

Both term and cumulative hours can be misleading. Be careful. The hours listed on your transcript (or academic record) indicate the number of graded credits.

Just because you have completed a course and the hours show on the academic record does not mean that the hours earned apply toward graduation.

For example, if you take a class twice, one time earning a “C” and the next time an “A,” credit hours for both enrollments are included in total hours and both grades figure into your GPA but you are given credit toward graduation only once.

Similarly, if you complete a developmental or preparatory class that doesn’t apply toward graduation, the hours for that class are still included in the total hours on the academic record. The hours for that class would apply toward full time status (which might be needed for scholarship or insurance purpose) even though they will not apply toward graduation.

Yet another example: some courses are very similar in content to others. There are good reasons why two different courses may need to be taught, but there are equally good reasons why you can’t receive credit for both classes.

Be careful about how you use the hours showing on your academic record and check in regularly with your adviser if you have questions.