Registration Problems

What can you do if you encounter problems registering for classes? The answer to this question depends on why you are having problems registering. Here are a few common problems and some ways of dealing with them.

Technical Problems

For problems using myZou, contact the Help Desk: 882-5000.

Hold Prevents Registration

There are several different reasons why a registration hold might be placed on your account. How and where to get the hold removed varies. For example, if you can’t register because you have not yet provided proof of immunization for measles, mumps, and rubella, you need to provide that information to Student Health. Staff there will then remove the registration hold.

Similarly, if you have a hold on your registration placed by your Dean’s Office you need to contact your Dean’s Office to discuss the problem and rectify the situation before the hold will be lifted.

Restriction Prevents Specific Class Registration

There are several different types of restrictions placed on enrollment in classes:

  • Some courses are open only to students at one level (freshmen, for example).
  • Some courses are restricted to students enrolled in a specified academic unit (Engineering, Business, etc.).
  • Some courses are restricted to students who have declared a specific major (for example, Communication or Psychology).

Faculty have entered these restrictions on their courses and only they have the authority to override them or give you permission to register. You may speak with the instructor teaching the course about a permission number to allow you to register for the course, but be forewarned that such approvals are rare. You are better advised to look for a different class in which to enroll.

Course Requires Permission

To enroll in some courses, students must first obtain permission (formerly consent). Permission may be given by the class instructor, the department offering the course or the academic unit in which that department is housed and is so indicated in the class detail in myZou. When permission is required, the student must obtain a permission number to enroll in the course using myZou.

Full Course

The only way you can enroll in a course that is already full is to get a permission number. Permission numbers are only available from the instructor or his/her designee in the department. Some instructors give no permissions; this is especially true in small classes and laboratory classes where seating or equipment restrict class size.

Some instructors give permission numbers only to students with special need; a senior who needs that particular class to graduate that semester, for example. Yet others give permission to a limited number of students on a space-available basis.