How to Register

Students can register online using myZou. (How to register using myZou).

Registering for Courses with Prerequisites

Some departments do not check for completion of prerequisites. The system may allow you to register for a course even if you do not have the prerequisite completed. This does not mean that you will be able to successfully complete this course without the prerequisite. Students must always check prerequisites in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Many prerequisites are only recommended. That is, the instructor believes that you need the knowledge acquired in the first course to be successful in the second course. You should always talk with the course instructor if you have not yet completed the prerequisite(s) to determine whether or not you have the background to be successful in the course or whether you should drop it and substitute the prerequisite.

Other prerequisites are strictly enforced and students enrolled inappropriately will be administratively dropped. For example, if you enroll in German 3 but haven’t yet successfully completed German 2 or its transferable equivalent, you will be dropped.