Modifying a Class Schedule

Adding Classes

Once registered, students may add classes at any time up until the published last day to add a class. Procedures for adding, dropping, swapping, and editing classes are at the Registrar’s website.

Adding Midterm Classes

Some classes are taught for only a portion of a semester. If a course that you want to enroll in has not yet begun, you may add the course, assuming it is open, at any time before the class begins.

Adding Non-Regularly Scheduled Classes

Some classes don’t have regularly scheduled meeting times. Examples are research and independent readings courses in which the student works individually with his or her instructor. Some academic units allow students to add these courses at any time during the semester. Others allow the adding of these courses only up to a certain point.

In either event, if a non-regularly scheduled class is added after the normal add deadline, the student must first receive the approval of his or her academic advising unit before adding the class with the Registration Office.

Changing Grading Option

Students may choose to change the grading basis for a specific course only during the first two weeks of a full semester. Changes in grading basis must be approved and processed in the student’s academic advising unit.

Changing Credit Hours

Variable credit (1, 2, or 3 credit hours) can be earned for some courses such as independent research credit. The amount of credit earned is determined by the quantity of work a student does for the class.

If a student wishes to change the credit being earned in a variable credit course he or she must first obtain the approval of his or her academic advising unit before adding the class with the Registration Office. Students also may have to obtain the written approval of their instructor.

Dropping or Withdrawing from Classes

Students may drop or withdraw from classes prior to the drop or withdrawal deadlines listed on the Academic Calendar. Visit the Registrar’s site for more information about dropping and withdrawing from classes.

Canceling Classes

If for some reason you decide to cancel all your classes for a given semester prior to the beginning of the semester, you should cancel your registration rather than withdrawing.

Canceling classes before the first day of classes allows a full refund of fees already paid, minus a small cancellation fee. You must cancel your registration with the early cancellation form (PDF) at the Office of the University Registrar.