Many, but not all, departments and programs offer to students an option of earning a minor. As you would expect from the name, a minor is like a major in terms of specialization. Each approved minor comes with its own set of requirements that include a minimum number of hours, a minimum number of hours at a specific level, specified courses, and minimum work in MU coursework. Check the department’s website to see if a minor is offered and what the requirements are for the minor.

Unlike majors and degrees, minors do not appear on a diploma. They are, however, listed on the official transcript after graduation.

Declaring a Minor

The process for declaring a minor is similar to but different from the procedure for declaring a major. Because students are not required to earn a minor, registration is not held up if the paperwork to declare a minor isn’t on file. Similarly, there isn’t a specific point in time, other than before graduation, when the minor paperwork needs to be filed.

Unlike dual degree students, students earning a major in one academic unit and a minor in a different unit do not need to dually enroll in both units. Also unlike dual degree students, students earning a major in one unit and a minor in another only file the paperwork officially declaring the minor with the academic unit in which their minor is housed.

A minor can only be awarded if a degree is earned at the same time. Minors cannot be earned in the absence of a major.