Changing a Major

There are several ways you can begin the process to change your major, but first let’s try to clear up some confusion about the terminology that we will use. In myZou, you may see terms such as “program”, “plan”, and “sub-plan”. Let’s try to help you understand what these mean and how to go about changing them.

A Program (Division) is typically used in reference to your school or college, such as Engineering, Journalism, or Business, etc. If you intend to transfer Programs (Divisions) or to add another major that is outside of your current Program then you can use the online Transfer of Division form or you can go see an academic adviser in the School or College that you want to transfer to. If you already have a major in more than one Program then you can also use the Transfer of Division form if you want to drop one of your Programs.

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A Plan (Major) would be the actual degree/major/minor/certificate you are pursuing such as Business Administration, Sociology, Nutritional Sciences, etc. If you do not want to transfer out of your current Program (Division) but you want to change or add a Plan (major/minor/certificate) then you simply need to go see your current academic adviser for assistance.

A Sub-plan (Emphasis) would be the specific area within your major that you are pursuing such as Marketing, Nutrition and Fitness, Broadcast, etc. As with Plan changes above, to change your Sub-Plan (emphasis) then you need to go see your current academic adviser.