Declaring a Major

As you read through the following information, you will find that all aspects of declaring your major vary by academic unit. The information that follows is intended as a general guideline. In all cases, you should check with your academic adviser and/or your academic unit advisement center for specifics.

Importance of Declaring a Major Officially

When you first apply to the University, you indicate a major, intent to apply to a major or intent to remain undeclared about major while exploring your options. This information is entered into the University database.

The adviser to whom you are assigned is determined by this choice. The information you receive via e-mail and surface mail about workshops, internship opportunities, enrollment options, etc. is determined by this choice. The help you will get in assessing your progress toward graduation will also be determined by this choice. If your goals and intentions change, it is important that you also change your major.

Officially or Unofficially

Although you are listed in the student database with a code that allows you to be categorized as a personal financial planning major or a physics major, for example, you must take some specific action to “officially” declare your major and become accepted as a degree candidate.

Specifics for officially declaring your major vary by academic unit.

Officially Declaring a Major

The specifics about official declaration of a major vary widely. Talk with your academic adviser and check the Degree Program Guides for specifics. Regardless of specifics, however, official declaration of a major requires some action on your part.

When to Officially Declare

Some schools and colleges allow you to declare your major officially as an entering student. Others allow you to declare only your intended major when you first apply to the University. In order to officially declare the major you might need to first complete specific courses with specified grades, complete a specified number of hours, or file an application.

Most academic units require that your major be officially declared before or during your junior year. Failure to officially declare your major (also known as, being accepted as a degree-seeking student) might mean that you will not be permitted to continue registering for classes.