The schools and colleges of the University award a large number of different degrees. Some departments (Health Science, for example) offer only one undergraduate degree (Bachelor of Health Science, BHS). Other departments (Economics, for example) offer two different degrees (Bachelor of Arts, BA and Bachelor of Science, BS); both with a major in Economics.

Different degrees have different requirements, so it is important that you know which degree(s) your department offer(s) and the requirements for the degree(s).

For a complete list of MU degrees, majors (degree programs), emphasis areas, minors and certificates, see the Undergraduate Catalog.

  • BA – Bachelor of Arts
  • BES – Bachelor of Education Studies
  • BFA – Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • BGS – Bachelor of General Studies
  • BHS – Bachelor of Health Science
  • BJ – Bachelor of Journalism
  • BM – Bachelor of Music
  • BS – Bachelor of Science
  • BSAcc – Bachelor of Science Accounting
  • BSBA – Bachelor of Science Business Administration
  • BSBE – Bachelor of Science Biological Engineering
  • BSChE – Bachelor of Science Chemical Engineering
  • BSCiE – Bachelor of Science Civil Engineering
  • BSCoE – Bachelor of Science Computer Engineering
  • BSEd – Bachelor of Science Education
  • BSEE – Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering
  • BSIE – Bachelor of Science Industrial Engineering
  • BSME – Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering
  • BSN – Bachelor of Science Nursing
  • BSW – Bachelor of Social Work

Degree Planning Resources

Just as there are almost unlimited enrichment opportunities available to you at MU, there are an incredible number of resources available to you that you should use as needed on a regular basis.

As you plan a major and what courses you must take and what courses you would benefit from, below are some of the resources you will find most helpful.

  • A Degree Audit (also called DARS: Degree Audit Reporting System) is an automated record of a student’s progress toward completion of a degree. It matches degree requirements with a student’s transcript and reports those requirements that have been completed and those that still need to be done. Degree Audits are not yet available for all majors. Please check with your academic advising office or your major adviser to determine if an audit is available for your major and how you can obtain one. Assistance in running a Degree Audit is available.