Dates and Deadlines

Like almost everything else in life, there are specific times by which certain activities or forms must be completed. Missing a deadline is one of the problems students run into most often. You should keep an updated calendar with dates and deadlines for the semester.

Be sure to check the Academic Calendar rather than making assumptions or just asking your friends. Here are just some examples of activities to which deadlines apply:

  • Registering for, adding, dropping, or withdrawing from classes
  • Officially declaring a major
  • Applying for graduation
  • Appealing a grade
  • Completing a course in which an incomplete grade is assigned
  • Applying for financial aid
  • Paying fees
  • Refunds for dropped classes
  • Applying for study abroad approval
  • Applying to graduate or professional schools
  • Registering with The Disability Center

Always check with your academic adviser or refer to official University Websites to make sure you know when you can/should take care of your University business.