Your Advisor and You

Your academic advisor is your guide, interpreter and mentor who helps you develop realistic plans for students’ academic careers. Students and advisors work together to identify opportunities and how they can be realized. Assistance may come in the form of, but not limited to, degree program explanation, degree completion planning, career planning and assistance with navigating the registration process.

The Advising Process

A Partnership between Student and Advisor

Student’s Responsibilities Advisor’s Responsibilities
Form academic, career, and personal goals. Help student set and clarify goals.
Develop plans to reach goals. Review plans to reach goals and consider alternatives if goals are unrealistic.
Learn degree requirements. Help student learn rules and regulations necessary for graduation.
Schedule and keep appointments with advisor. Be available for appointments on a regular, predictable basis.
Be prepared for advising sessions; bring degree forms and/or transcripts. Prepare a list of questions. Explain curricular options, answer registration questions and teach student how to choose and schedule classes.
Explore ways to enhance your education. Give the best possible advice to help the student recognize personal abilities and interest to realize full potential.
Consider and follow-up on advice you are given. Identify resources and opportunities. Make referrals as appropriate.
Seek help at first sign of problems; don’t expect problems to be resolved without action. Help explore problems, seek solutions, and make appropriate referrals.