Academic Probation and Dismissal

University policies on academic status are summarized below. However, because the consequences of being placed on academic probation vary from one academic unit to another, if you are in this situation and have questions, you should check with your unit’s Academic Advising Office.

A student whose term and cumulative grade point averages are 2.0 or higher is in regular or good academic standing. However, some departments and some academic units require higher GPA’s in order to gain admission to or remain enrolled in a specific program. If you are in good academic standing, but are not admissible to one degree program, you should contact an academic adviser in the Discovery Center for guidance in exploring your major options.

  • A student in good standing whose term grade point average subsequently falls below 2.0 but is 1.0 or above is placed on academic probation, even if the student’s cumulative GPA remains above 2.0. A student on academic probation must remove probation within two consecutive semesters or become subject to academic dismissal.
  • A student whose term grade point average falls below 1.0 is ordinarily declared ineligible to re-enroll. Most academic units, however, give some leeway in this regard to first term freshmen whose record shows sufficient promise to warrant some latitude.
  • A student who has been dismissed, or declared ineligible to re-enroll, for academic reasons may be readmitted only upon the approval of the dean of the division in which the student desires to enroll. As a condition of readmission, the Dean may set forth stipulations with regard to minimum standards of academic work that must be completed prior to readmission and maintained by the student following readmission. (Check with the unit in which you wish to enroll about readmission requirements with regard to GPA’s, numbers of credit hours, specific courses that must be completed.) If the student again becomes ineligible to enroll, his/her ineligibility to re-enroll may be considered permanent.
  • These regulations are the prescribed minimal standards but do not limit the authority of the faculty of any school or college to adopt and enforce additional regulations affecting students enrolled therein.
  • A student who has attempted at least 60 semester hours will not be making satisfactory progress for financial aid purposes if the student’s cumulative grade point average is less than 1.67. Satisfactory academic progress for financial aid recipients is determined independently from academic probation and dismissal status. It is possible to remain academically eligible (i.e., not dismissed) while not meeting satisfactory academic progress standards for financial aid purposes.

Information about readmission to the University of Missouri can be found at the Undergraduate Re-Admission Web page.